Our current base (wholesale) price for Honestly Grass-fed, birth-to-finished beef is AS LOW AS $5.25 per pound hanging weight. The national average wholesale price for grass-fed beef is $7.26 per lbs.

How Do We Figure Our Beef Pricing?

As you know, our heritage breed of cattle, (the Red Angus and the Hereford) are born, raised, and finished here on 100% Certified Wholistically Grown™ bio-dynamic pastures. “Our farming practice reveres the past to protect our futures.”

The sustainability of the practice means that as seasons progress we should be incurring fewer costs. This is called a “Low Input” business. Big cost to setup, but rather than buying diminishing fertilizers every year that keep the balance of the created order changing, even distorted, we husband the products of the creatures themselves (dung, social ability, and naturally available nitrogen fixing plants and beings) to build up and balance the farm.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I learned long ago from my step father that price is determined by consideration of 3 factors: 1. Quality, 2. Price, and 3. Service. The merchant must keep one of them in order to stay in business. For example, if you go to the “big box store”; what can you get? No service, good price, fair quality. Go to a real beauty salon and what do you get? Good quality, excellent service, and pay a price for it. That said, Falster Farm offers real quality, bend-over-backwards-service, and a price that is generally higher than Walmart.

Our price is set by the needs of continuing to do what we love. My dad used to say, “Karl, we have a nut to crack and we must sell this much of this or that, with this much margin over our cost to stay in business.” Being successful breeders of livestock means yields showing continued growth, coupled with a good year of buyers frequenting our farm (good marketing). Well, we can lower our prices, and the results will be vice versa. We have pricing points based on our costs, not what the market will bear.

Last I checked, $8.50 was the lowest price of one pound of ground (hamburger) regular grass-fed beef at a Farmer’s Market or at Whole Foods Market. Buying direct from a farmer you can visit and know personally is clearly the most economical way to feed your family with all the health benefits of Wholistically Grown grass-fed beef.

It is the same today, we say we appreciate your business and support because we know you can buy cheap, food-like substances on which to fill up, and yet you have chosen us, and it allows us to continue to heritage farm. –Again, thank you for understanding that we have pricing points based on our costs, not what the market will bear.


Why Hanging Weight?

There are components of a steer that you probably can’t use: The hide or pelt, the head or skull, the feet or trotters, and the offal or gut track. The most accurate weight of what you will be using is to establish your purchase based on what is considered family consumable. After it is cleaned and hung to dry, everything is consumable by modern standard of culinary.

The Process: The steer you purchase from Falster Farm is processed (unless otherwise requested) after a short low stress ride to the USDA processing plant in Mineola, Texas.

After the animal is humanly dispatched the USDA Inspector places his Certified Stamp on the hanging whole carcass. This fee is $50.00 charged by the abattoir.

This is the hanging weight; it is the price Falster Farm receives for our effort at 18-24 months of labor and expertise.

Now, the abattoir does their job: custom cuts and wrapping. [All figures are approximate since we get the exact weight at the time of processing, but we can do our best.]

The slaughter and Inspection process is $50.00

Cut and cryovac wrap is $1.15 per pound (again, based on the hanging weight.)


Hanging weight:                                                                                    $5.25/pound

Slaughter and Inspection Fee                                                                       $50.00

Cut and Cryovac Wrap                                                                          $1.15/pound

All of the above and deliver                                                                $8.25/pound

Let’s do some estimating:

Assume we are standing in the field and you see a nice steer. He is roughly 900 lbs. live weight, a good, heavy prime steer. (Understand, you can select steers that weigh from 650 to 1000 pounds.) You can expect 55-60% of the live weight to be left on the rail for the Inspector to judge. With our example, that computes to about 495 lbs. x $5.25 = $2,598.75 (roughly $2.89/lb. live weight), plus the kill fee, and the cut and wrap fee.  Or, 495 lbs. x $8.25 = $4,083.75, done and delivered.

Of course, this is an estimate; actual numbers will depend on the carcass weight of the animal. And, this is also based on a whole steer; many people don’t want quite that much meat, so if you only buy a half or a quarter, the prices are adjusted accordingly.

Take Home: cut and wrapped 2 sides of beef = 75% x 495 lbs. = 371 lbs. Net Weight (plus soup bones & sausage) Sausage and organ meat is optional; you must ask for it. (If you don’t want it; please, I do, and I’ll buy it back from you.) As a customer said, “Falster Farm liver and beef heart is pristine, nothing compares – packed with energy!” and Oh, the bone broth is like drinking a steak!

Special Offer:  OR, for a limited time, we will handle the whole package for you @ $8.25 per lbs. and deliver at no charge to one of our drops along the way to Dallas for you to pick up your Falster Farm on Pasture 365™, Certified Wholistically Grown™ high choice to prime beef.

This is the same quality of beef you pay in the $15 – $30 per pound range, $12.00 per lbs. wholesale. Nancy and I believe that when you become a savvy culinary buyer, we will be a solid resource to take your culinary delight and health to the next level of excellence.

We operate using the abattoir in Mineola managed by Jim Lee, and he will get your high choice to prime aged beef ready for the freezer – turn key – for you. (BUT, the handling of Falster Farm Beef is NOT like the regular beef he processes. Please call us and let us discuss the difference[s].)

Delivery Options:  We deliver your steer to the Mineola plant as a part of the pricing. You pick it up from their place of business on Hwy 80, unless other arrangements are made with us in advance. Our Abattoir’s refrigerated truck delivers to Dallas and surrounds twice a week for a very modest price per mile. We will discuss these arrangements when you call of course price is subject to change prior to the placing of your order. After your order has been booked with the $250.00 deposit, your quoted price is locked for this Order.

We suggest you call Nancy 903-629-3034 for the latest details, place your $250 deposit on line.


“The great thing about Falster Farm is that they work on a small scale – it’s the level of attention and care taken with each cow, each pasture, and each day on the ranch. It all translates into impeccable, bold-flavored beef, eggs – my customers just love it all.”

Executive Chef Joanne Bondy Stocks & Bondy, Dallas.

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