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— $250.00 deposit reserves your order for a side of Beef from Falster Farm on Pasture 365™. You may order as many sides as you like.

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Happy Lines of a tender Steer
Happy lines are just one of many indications of a healthy herd, and I have found I can usually trust a person who does well by their herd. This steer is replete with those lines - indicating tender flavorful beef!


By clicking on the ADD TO CART button, YOU ARE PLACING YOUR DEPOSIT to reserve and lock in the price of FALSTER FARM ON PASTURE 365™ BEEF.

Pricing is per pound based on the carcass hanging weight.  A deposit of $250.00 at the time of your order will reserve you a side and will be deducted from your balance upon delivery. The particulars of cuts (if any) shipping or pick-up are worked out via telephone, text or email. Your ease of accessibility is our fervent desire. 

Some of the best tasting beef you’ll ever have!!! This is what great beef tastes like. No growth hormones, no nitrite preservatives, no crowded high stress feed lots, is it any wonder it tastes so marvelous?

Sides are priced per pound. We will bill you the difference upon being processed. This is a deposit only. Deposits are refundable minus a 5% transaction processing charge up until the week processing after which they become non-refundable deposits.

The average side will be about 190 lbs. with a range from 180-225 lbs.  We try our best to accommodate size requests as closely as possible, but variability in the growing season means we cannot always match your request exactly.

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