For those who don’t have a bunch of freezer space, or just don’t eat that much meat, Falster Farm offers a supreme grass fed meat box of between 15 and 20 pounds of our pasture finished beef. Every box comes with a combination of the following: 2 roasts, 4 steaks, 2 bone-in meats, 1 sweet, or organ, meat, and 2 pounds of misc., we choose from each category: roasts, steaks, etc. that you will enjoy in your personal box, from a farmer family you know and trust.

Roasts: (2 or 3 pounds)

Chuck Roast
Eye of Round
Loin Tip Roast
Loin Tip Roast
Pike’s Peak Roast
Round Bottom Roast
Round Rump Roast
Shoulder Arm Roast
Top Round Roast

Misc: (1 pound)

Beef Skirts, trimmed (perfect for fajitas)
Stew meat

Bone-In Meats: (1.5 pounds)

Marrow Bones
Osso buco
Ox Tail
Short Ribs
Soup bones



Steaks: (2 pounds)

Boneless Ribeye
Rack of Ribeye
Shank Bones
Top Sirloin

Sweet (Organ) Meats: (flat rate)



Roasts …….$6.50/pound x 3 = $19.50
Steaks….$16.00/pound x 8 = $128.00
Bone-In Meat …$7.50/pound x 1.5 = $11.25
Sweet (Organ) Meats…$12.00  x 1 = $12.00
Misc . . $6.50/pound x 2 = $13.00
Total:    $183.75

Because we a are a small family farm, raising a select number of steers to perfection,  we cannot offer meat boxes of any one specific cut at this time, i.e. steaks, or steaks and roasts only. The size of the cut is, of course, subject to the size and weight of the butchered animal, and the numbers which we have added here for your convenience are approximate only. Please feel to Contact Us right now to discuss delivery options.

This customer purchased 4 items on October 6 for $183.00 at Warriors That Farm on Falster Farm & Cattle Ranch.and left this COMMENT: ” Elizabeth was very kind and the customer service was spot on. I cannot wait to order again!” Oct 2018.- Yantis, Texas

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